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As a Brewing and Beverage Technology Engineer, my focus lies on the technical side of the industry. After studying at Weihenstephan (Technical University of Munich) I have gained 29 years of experience in renowned companies like Cargill Malt, Holsten-Brauerei AG, EMIG and Eckes-Granini. I successfully managed Production, (acting) Plant Management, Quality Assurance, Capex Project Leads, Copacking and Comanufacturing business (both als supplier and as client), Supply Chain Management and Purchasing. But I am no stranger to small scale operations; I started out as Brewmaster of a small Micro-Brewery in Canada, with a 20 hl brewhouse fashioned out of old sugar dissolving tanks.


Originally from the Netherlands, I have made Hamburg my home base now for over twenty years, after working in Canada, France and Belgium. My work has taken me all over the world, with many projects in Europe, but also in Asia, Central and South America and Africa. This international experience has provided me with an outstanding intercultural competence, making me a solid choice for your project anywhere in the world.


After having worked for these leading companies for a long time, I am now self-employed. In this way, you can profit from my experience and know-how, without burdening your salary budget or your headcount, while you remain fully flexible. I would greatly appreciate the chance to discuss with you what services I can provide for your company. Contact me for more details. I will be happy to send you my detailed CV on request.


Rutger van Rossem interim consulting

Simrockstr. 64a

22589 Hamburg

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