My services - your benefit

Whether I am to bridge a vacancy in your company as an Interim Manager, to manage a capex project for you or to support you as a free-lance consultant, hiring me is an extremely flexible, fast and tailor-made solution.


As an Interim Manager, I can offer you the following advantages:

Quick Start


Fast Results

Value For Money

Low Risk




You can check my availability for your Project or for specific dates with a quick telephone call, an email or by using the contact form. When available, I can usually start working within a few days. 

You can utilise my services flexibly, as much as you need, where you need them and for as long as you need. That also means shorter than originally foreseen, as the case may be.

I have a quick grasp of the task at hand, and with my extensive experience in the industry, I need only a short on-boarding phase. Your benefits are immediate impact and results.

There are no long notice periods. When my services are no longer required, the assignment ends.

The fixed daily fee depends on the scope and on the duration of the project. Travel costs can be either calculated into the fee as a flat charge, or billed separately as desired. Thus, the cost remains transparent and allows reliable planning. Your Headcount and Personnel Budget remain unburdened. 

As I am independent of your organisational structure and historical circumstances, I am unpartial and unprejudiced in my actions. I can address awkward matters and realise unpopular measures if needed.

It is no easy decision to hire an experienced Manager as a full-time employee, and the selection process can take time. Why not get this experience and know-how on board for a limited time, for a single project, for a limited set of tasks or to bridge that staffing gap, but without the risk inherent to a full-time employment contract.

A fresh breeze and new ideas are included!


Rutger van Rossem interim consulting

Simrockstr. 64a

22589 Hamburg

Für Fragen oder Terminvereinbarungen erreichen Sie mich unter der folgenden Telefonnummer:




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