When funds for a Capex project have been approved, the project should be executed without undue delay. To do that, you need a good Project Manager. Eventually, also a member of your management team can lead the project, but if capacities are limited, or someone with the right skills is not available, I can be of service to you as an Interim Project Manager.


I have many years of experience in planning and executing Capex projects, from simple CIP-plants to filling lines and complete greenfield projects, relocations or dismantling of lines. I will be happy to manage your project from start to finish, or if needed, just a part of it.






My expertise includes:


  • Compiling the catalogue of requirements together with your management team
  • Compiling the specifications and the call for tender
  • Proposing and evaluating possible suppliers
  • Proposal phase: evaluate, compare and align proposals for price, delivery schedule and quality
  • Supporting your Procurement Experts during negotiation and awarding
  • Supervising the erection phase and coordinating with supplier installation supervisors
  • Commissioning, Ramp-Up, Acceptance Tests
  • Coordinating training of your operators

Depending on the scope of the project, I do not always need to be working full-time. In many projects, there are phases with less activity for the Project Manager. This is where the flexibility of an Interim Manager pays off; when there is nothing to do, I do not generate costs or overhead. The only cost you will see is my fee (usually as a fixed fee per day) plus possible travel expenses. There are no incidental wage costs, I bring my own telephone and computer, and any vacation days are unpaid.


Further advantages for you:

  • I am not tied up in daily operations and I am fully available for the project right from the start
  • I bring new ideas and a fresh look at your organization, your processes and your plant
  • My motivation is your satisfaction with a job well done
  • The costs are transparent and predictable, and can be charged to the project budget.


I will be happy to discuss your project with you, to find out how I can be of service. Call or email me today!




Rutger van Rossem interim consulting

Simrockstr. 64a

22589 Hamburg

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